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Counselling and Therapy for Men - Individual and Group


Explore your issues in a safe and confidential environment with someone who understands

Are you looking for a Therapist who works with men?

Perhaps you are you seeking help for the first time but are skeptical about talking with someone or you don’t believe it will help?

Change Happens provides a space where straight, gay and bisexual men can be open to talk through their issues without judgment or embarrassment.


Are you struggling with issues such as

  • cheating or mistrust in your relationship, porn use, anger, emotional intimacy and distancing?
  • sexuality including sexual identity, internalised homophobia or sex drive?
  • childhood wounding such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse?
  • using addictive behaviours to self-sooth?
  • have questions on your future direction or work related stress?

If you are struggling and want resolution in your life, make an appointment today.  I work with men who are motivated for change to happen in their lives rather than just going along hoping things will improve or, simply go away.

Taking time out to talk to a Therapist especially for men has moved beyond being a secret, weakness or a taboo. Men are resistant to seeking out help.  However, it is estimated about 1 million people have seen a therapist last year, men included.


The Benefits in Coming Along

  • Learn to communicate more confidently
  • Safely explore painful experiences and feel more in control
  • Change unproductive behaviour patterns
  • Resolve painful childhood wounding
  • Have a clear picture of who you are and what you want
  • Gain awareness, clarity and direction for your life
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself
  • Find greater fulfilment in your relationships
  • Increase your self-awareness and your contribution to the problem or issue
  • Understand how to work with difference and conflict
  • Have a sense of relief that you are not alone


By deciding to come to counselling you are saying, you are ready to commit to changing your life.


 Call to make an appointment today.

P: 0407 915 076  or  E:  

It’s a positive start to making change happen in your life.


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    Learn how to grow through the group experience with real self-awareness.

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    Gay Men

    Explore with a Counsellor who understands gay men's issues without being judged?

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